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When to write to her the very first time


The first contact is always difficult. But unlike taking a deep breath and turning to a beautiful woman in the city, online dating offers quite different possibilities. Unfortunately, there is no big chance that she has a sign hanging around her neck where all her personal interests are presented.

Online, on the other hand, you have completely different possibilities to see who she is and what she is interested in. And it can provide you with a good starting point when you need to get in touch the first time - and it is precisely the first inquiry that we give you good advice.


Before you write to her ...

But wait a moment - it's a good idea to control your own profile before contacting a potential date. If she likes your letter, she would like to look into you. A woman would prefer to feel comfortable with the person she is talking to, so share some personal information on your profile - and have a good picture. The appearance may not mean as much for women as it does for men, but it gives an impression of who you are.


Get help with the good profile text here.


8 tips for the first contact

Men are generally very active at Dating.dk, and many women receive hundreds of letters a month. It may therefore be as difficult to land a date with the dream woman as to come to a job interview from hundreds of applicants.


It is therefore about to stand out from the crowd. And that is not necessarily so difficult. We will give you eight tips to help you write a really good first letter to your potential dream woman:


  1. Women turn on words


Nothing can make a woman melt like a man who understands using his words correctly. Therefore try to avoid phrases like "Your profile looks interesting. Should we meet? "It's boring and impersonal.


At the same time, the fewest women are complaining about too much sweet soup and plate romance. Therefore drop "pussenusse", "kiss", "princess" or the like. Instead, go straight to the case in a creative way. And with straight to the case, the size of the genitals is not included. It sounds banal, but more men fall into the trap of more or less grotesque ways ...


  1. Show her that you have looked at her profile


One of the most obvious steps is to demonstrate that you have carefully looked at her profile (and not just the profile picture). Tell why you've chosen to write just her - and try to be specific. "You're writing that you're crazy about Jakob Ejersbo's Africa Trilogy. Which of the books would you like best? "Or" I can look at your profile that you play the piano - I play the guitar so that the duet is obvious. "


  1. Compliment the pages of her you like


... but do not mention her freaky appearance as the only one. Women like to hear that they look lovely - but not as the most attractive of the entire profile. Write instead that you like, she is doing a lot of sports or going to concerts if she emphasizes it on her profile.


  1. Humor is a sure winner


There is generally a high response rate for letters that open in a humorous way. Not ironic. Not sarcastic. Humorous. That's because humorous is similar to eye-catching. Receiving a woman's 100 letters with the introduction "Hello, you look cute", then nothing else will turn out to be skewed like "When you make guacamole, do you put tomatoes in?"


  1. Write and tell about yourself


Have you ever started a conversation with "I'm a 30-year-old 30-year-old, living in Kolding and loving football?" No? We thought so. So, you'll keep it from online too. Try to think of your contact as a conversation - it must gradually evolve.


Remember, you do not have to tell everything in your very first letter. Just write a few lines about yourself - and like the things you have in common.


  1. There is not anyone who turns on uncertainty


"So if you think my profile is just a little bit interesting, you will not be nice to answer?" There are no women who fall for. Do not worm yourself. Now that you have contacted you, you have nothing to lose. So let her make her own impression of you from your profile and avoid putting words in her mouth.


Instead, you can finish your letter with "We're Talking" or "I'm Looking To Hear From You".


  1. Do not push too much


Even if you think she seems amazing, try again. All your good ideas for what to do on the first date, you should probably end up with your very first letter (and that also applies to your thoughts over the next many years in your happy future together).


Instead, consider what you would say as the first to a woman if she stood right in front of you. There is hardly anything about a date that is already planned or where your first trip must go when you have become lovers. It's far too overwhelming and it's going to go